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Save time. Keep residents informed.

With our screens, keep residents entertained and provide easy access to:

·     important building updates
·     breaking headlines from local + national news
·     weather forecasts
·     sports updates + more

Save paper with digital notice templates.

Let us take writing and distributing building notices off your to-do list.

Using our message templates and elevator screens, getting the message out will take a fraction of the time. Post building messages from any online device in minutes.

Add our elevator and lobby screens to your building within 6 weeks.

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North America’s fastest growing elevator communication network.

Vertical City is present in all major markets in North America.

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Modernize your building.

Add value to your building by modernizing your elevators. Our state of the art, customized, digital elevator screens will showcase your building logo and enhance the look of your elevator.

Unlock a new revenue stream for your property

and upgrade your resident experience today!

What would you do with extra revenue?

Unexpected maintenance costs? Looking to make those long awaited renos?

We provide a generous supplemental revenue stream for each property.

We share revenue from any ads that run on your screens – for you to use as you’d like!

We cover the costs of hardware, internet, and installation using your certified technicians