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Digital screen solutions for a vertical world.

Elevator and lobby digital screen hardware, software, and communications systems that enable modern, smart, integrated buildings

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Condo, rental, commercial, university, hospital digital signage screen
+700 screens installed in the last year alone!

What We Offer

Screen solutions

Installed elevator digital screen in Condo

Add digital communications to your building(s) lobby and elevators with our flexible screen systems

Software solutions

Integrated elevator screens in commercial towers

Enhance functionality and monetize your digital signage network with our best in class CMS

Advertising solutions

Reach and influence audiences where they work and live with our innovative advertising platform

North America’s fastest growing elevator communication network.

Vertical City is available in all markets in North America.

Darin Rayburn

President and CEO, Melcor Developments Ltd.

“Our tenants and their clients appreciate getting reminders of local news and building notifications during their trips up-and-down the elevators, and we appreciate the extra building income. It’s a win-win partnership.“

Robert LeParque, CPM

Senior Property Manager, Midwest Property Management

“The Vertical City team were very easy to work with. Their screens were installed without any trouble and the online interface is very useful for posting building information at any time of day.“

Brenda Williams

Senior Property Manager, Urbandale Corporation

“Excellent system to keep Residents updated on day to day notices”

Rafal Dyrda

CEO, GeniePad

“The integration with Vertical City's Elevator Screens has provided an additional way for our company to communicate GeniePad notices with condominium residents utiliziing a new digital medium. It has been a pleasure working with the team at Vertical City.“

Heather Beck

Property Manager, Mayfair Properties

“It’s easy to use & easy to update side notices & big notices.”  

Peter Pilling

Mainstreet Equity Corp.

“I like the ease of use , tenants like to be able to see upcoming events, great for posting general notices.”