You’ve invested a lot in
 your new build.

Let your new elevators rise above the rest with our communication platform.

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You've invested a lot in your new build.

Let your new elevators rise above the rest.

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Make your elevators standout.

We have extensive experience installing modern digital elevator screens. We make this building improvement a no-brainer that actually makes you money!

A sleek way to keep your tenants informed + entertained with:

·     building notices + updates
·     breaking headlines + local news
·     weather forecasts
·     sports updates + relevant advertising

Make your elevators standout.

We’re certified for installing sleek, flush mount digital elevator screens. Doing this at the time of construction is optimal, as it can be done for minimal - or zero - cost.

Engage, inform, inspire.

  • local weather and breaking news
  • top local restaurants
  • events
  • sports updates and more!

Why would you use old technology in your brand new elevators?

Alternative options use outdated hardware, technology, and software that makes it difficult to do simple things like post a notice.

The largest national residential elevator communication platform.

That’s a mouthful, but we’re proud of it! Vertical City is present in all major markets in Canada and is the fastest growing of its kind in North America.

We’re trusted by leading companies to power their tenant communication. Partner with us today!

Add our elevator and lobby screens to your building within 6 weeks.

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North America’s fastest growing elevator communication network.

Vertical City is present in all major markets in North America.

Future-proof your elevators...

With our state of the art, customized, digital elevator screens. We showcase your building logo and allow you to instantly communicate with tenants or residents from any browser.

Enhance your building communication

inspire community with your residents today.

Additional Benefits.

Use our smart triggers

You can display messages based on weather, time of day, day of week — or any combination!

Generous extra revenue for your building

For each property, we share revenue from any ads that run on your screens – for you to use as you’d like!

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