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What we do for you.

Our elevator screens make it easy to interact with tenants, show-off available spaces, and generate additional income. We provide the sleek and modern hardware (including installation). It’s that easy.

Free. And you make money.

How do we make this magic happen? Our business is to generate revenue through ad sales and media services. What we generate is shared with you – for you to use as you’d like!

Our Turn Key Platform.

Our unique, patent-pending technology makes installation and setup a breeze. You login and we’re ready to go—with no monthly license fee!

For qualifying buildings, we cover the cost of hardware, internet, and installation using your certified elevator technicians.

The largest national residential
elevator communication platform.

That’s a mouthful, but we’re proud of it! Vertical City is present in all major markets in Canada and is the fastest growing of its kind in North America.

We’re trusted by leading companies to power their tenant communication. Partner with us today!

We partner with...

Darin Rayburn

President and CEO, Melcor Developments Ltd.

“Our tenants and their clients appreciate getting reminders of local news and building notifications during their trips up-and-down the elevators, and we appreciate the extra building income. It’s a win-win partnership.“

Robert LeParque, CPM

Senior Property Manager, Midwest Property Management

“The Vertical City team were very easy to work with. Their screens were installed without any trouble and the online interface is very useful for posting building information at any time of day.“

Rafal Dyrda

CEO, GeniePad

“The integration with Vertical City's Elevator Screens has provided an additional way for our company to communicate GeniePad notices with condominium residents utiliziing a new digital medium. It has been a pleasure working with the team at Vertical City.“

Some of our awesome properties.

The West One

Toronto, Ontario

The Ritz

Vancouver, BC

Chevron Plaza

Calgary, AB

The Pearl

Edmonton, AB

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